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Danish furniture editor, mainly professional. In 2015 Howe reissued two cult models by the Danish designer  Arne Jacobsen : the Tong Chair and the Munkegaard chair. 

Freedom of thought

We want to influence people all over the world and have a positive impact on the way they live, work, learn and communicate. Ultimately, we want to have an effect on how people think. We believe we can do this by liberating the space in interior environments. Freedom from restrictions, we believe, creates the conditions for freedom of thought.


One of HOWE's strengths is that our employees have different backgrounds, standards and values. Together, we make HOWE a workplace where there is room for diversity and development. At the same time, we as a company have shared values that form the basis of our culture — values we embrace individually and encourage our colleagues to live by.

A long successful journey

HOWE Furniture was founded in 1928 in Trumbull, Connecticut, by Harold Howe. HOWE started out making card tables, snack tables, bedside tables, folding cribs, wooden hat racks, sewing tables and just about any furniture that folded. One early HOWE slogan was: "IF IT FOLDS, ASK HOWE”.

During the 20th century the HOWE brand became the leading brand of multi-usage and space-saving tables in North America. The slogan was TABLES = HOWE.

HOWE’s European organisation started in the late 1960’s on a license agreement. Later, in 1989, HOWE acquired the European licensee and its production facilities and operations in Middelfart, Denmark. HOWE Europe a/s became a reality. It manufactured chairs and tables.

During the 1990’s and early 2000’s HOWE in Europe and HOWE in the US developed into two independent brands, following different concepts and go-to-market strategies. The European organisation expanded due to its A&D focused strategy and strong product development. In 2011 we implemented ONE WORLD – ONE HOWE, meaning that the European HOWE overtook all the North American HOWE activities and began rolling out the European strategy and HOWE collection in North America.

Today all international HOWE activities are managed from Denmark, with strong international sales and an extensive supply network. HOWE a/s has subsidiaries in USA, UK, France and Poland. HOWE is owned by CF Group.


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+ 33 (0)1 43 33 20 12