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A+A Cooren

A+A Cooren is a Paris-based French-Japanese design studio founded by a couple, Aki & Arnaud Cooren. The studio’s design speciality is lighting, but has also worked in industrial product design, furnishings andinteriors since 1999. With a signature Japanese-Nordic design aesthetic that is at once streamlined and poetic, the studio subtly seeks to bring an element of nature back into everyday objects and interiors.

A+A Cooren designs both traditional and industrial objects, guided by a design philosophy nourished through ceaseless exploration of manufacturing simplicity and end-user ease of use. A+A Cooren believes that designing a good product is the result of mutually supportive teamwork between the manufacturers or craftsmen and the designers, with exacting fabrication standards.

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+ 33 (0)1 43 33 20 12