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Jonas Hoejgaard


JHA! Will be my fourth initiative.


I seek to inject the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years in larger more bureaucratic companies, either as an external consultant or as a part of a corporate innovation team.


My passion originates from the idea of being an architect in a broader sense. In another perspective, architecture is the programming language of buildings. I believe that programming a business is subject to the same archetypical rules and just as with buildings, companies are depended on maintenance in terms of innovation. I believe that bringing external partners to the table and bypassing the inevitable bureaucratic nature of a larger company is key to staying in business.


Awards & Nominations


Wins price for "Best Furniture" for Moth Chair, Archiproducts.com



Nominated for entrepreneur of the year, IVÆKST

Nordic Tales nominated for upcoming brand of the year, by Bo Bedre & Boligmagasinet



Wins talent of the year, Bo Bedre

Blickfang, Hamburg, Gold Award

Photo in artictle from and about Smithsonian, National museum of USA amongst other publications

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+ 33 (0)1 43 33 20 12