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Mia Lagerman

 Over the past 25 years in which Mia Lagerman has worked as a furniture designer, she has been able to position herself as a key player on the design scene. Mia has lived in Copenhagen since 1993, was born, raised and educated in both Stockholm and Copenhagen. She is an incarnate Scandinavian who believes in quality, functionality and aesthetics.


As a designer, Mia Lagerman views her constant development – from generating concepts over to production and on to the final result – as a journey towards the best result and where the dialogue with partners and the development of new methods are a vital part of the process and always with the end-user in mind.


“Design is allowed to have a twinkle in the eye, but must still be able to be taken seriously. It’s about creating a surprise, something you don’t expect. It’s about contemplation, the search for perfection with an open mind, about quality and, not least, making people feel.”


Therefore, good design is many things to Mia Lagerman: “It’s when everything comes together. It is best when you explain it in a few words, when you understand it without endless long explanations, pictures and texts.”


“Aesthetics is very personal and something that grows all the time. You develop your eye through your whole life. I think it is boring when everything suddenly resembles each other, when it becomes nice, proper and predictable. I like it to be a little improper, a little wrong, dirty or lopsided so that it can interest the eye.”

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+ 33 (0)1 43 33 20 12