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Nordic Tales

The tale began in a town called Aarhus – more particularly at a place called Institute for X. Institute for X is a small area in a small town that has served as a cradle for many up-and-coming architects and designers, and this is why Institute for X is commonly referred to as the “eye of the hurricane” in terms of product development. This platform proved itself to be ideal for the company, and therefore Nordic Tales soon became internationally renowned for its many creations.


At institute for X, an atelier was established during the summer of 2012 which allowed the creation of interior setups. Besides this, the atelier also housed the warehouse and the office, and at one point no walls were separating the three.


Winter came and so did snow, and it turned out that the beloved atelier was extraordinary cold. However, sales were still growing leaving no time for repairs. One morning a glass of water was found frozen, and soon the cappuccino machine went on strike – a strike that lasted until the first bloom of the daffodils.


The year is 2016. Nordic Tales has gone through a shape shift of a transformation and now finds itself in the back of a Nordic Tales Concept Store in one of Aarhus’s most dazzling shopping streets. The concept store is perceived as a laboratory – here, visitors come by and have a chat about this, that, and last but not least, the creations of Nordic Tales. The visitors are continuously introduced throughout the development, and Nordic Tales is directed by their expressions of opinion.


Nordic Tales has matured during exhibitions in the major design and fashion capitals of Europe. The many impressions have forever changed the small company and its creations, which now have a scent of something more.


At this point in time, you’ll still find Nordic Tales at the European fairs, for example in Paris, but the attention is also directed to the rest of the world. Nordic Tales will be celebrating its four year anniversary this summer by showcasing its latest creations in Tokyo.


The development has accelerated in the small company heavily assisted by 3D printers, virtual reality, and other tools of what was thought reserved for people of the future. One could say a symbiotic relation between man and robot has been forged; a relation enabling 24 hour workflows fuelled solely by coffee and liquid plastic.


In a not so distant future, Nordic Tales will be revealing the result of a collaboration with one of the greatest entrepreneurs in Denmark. This will break the boundaries that have been defining Nordic Tales since the first – now so distant – footsteps. This collaboration will blow wind in the sails of what is believed to be Nordic Tales’ greatest adventure yet.


When brought to completion, the collaboration is thought to define the moment between two paradigms in Nordic Tales, which once again is taking the shape of something new.

Nordic Tales is facing its most exciting time of its short history. New agreements have been sealed around Europe, and the sales are still growing, breathing life into the lungs of new creations. Many news designs are expected to see the light of day in the fifth year of the Nordic Tales Journey.

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