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Brad Ascalon

Brad Ascalon is an American designer born in 1977. He entered the art and design world at a young age. His grandfather, a sculptor and industrial designer, and his father, a renowned artist, encouraged a passion for design, craftsmanship and materials that would last.

Ascalon earned a master’s degree in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute in New York in 2005. The same year, he was recognized by Wallpaper as one of the world’s "Ten Most Wanted” emerging designers. 

He opened his own design studio in New York in 2006, specializing in furniture for the contract, hospitality, and residential markets and developing lighting, packaging, and other consumer products.

Describing his approach as reductive, Ascalon creates uncomplicated, rational designs that balance form, function and concept. His method is both strategic and lyrical. Simple compositions form authentic solutions that fit naturally within their environment, creating perfect ambience and impact.

Ascalon has made longevity and craftsmanship the cornerstones of his design work. He favors permanent solutions above trends and prefers exploring the potential and warmth of traditional materials. He only uses forms and techniques that serve a long-term view of functionality and adaptability – Ascalon particularly likes wood and enjoys pushing the boundaries of what this material can do.

Ascalon has exhibited around the world, from the global design hubs of Milan, Paris, London, Cologne, Stockholm and

New York, to Chicago, Los Angeles, Guangzhou and Moscow, where in 2013 he was invited to represent American design with an installation at Moscow Design Week. 

Ascalon has collaborated with Carl Hansen & Søn to create the Preludia Series. This set of tables and chairs pairs a clean, modern expression with extensive customization options for a variety of needs.

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