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Takashi Okamura Erik Marquardsen


Since the creation of their design agency in 1973, the designers at Design O & M worked for many  Danish, Swedish, Italian and Japanese manufactures. Their main activity is the design of furniture but they also made ​​many studies of industrial design products, graphic design and layout.

Collacboration with Skipper Furniture began in the late 70s and it has generated a lot of chairs and sofa models for private and public spaces.

Erik Marquardsen:

Cabinetmaker and designer. He was born in 1949 in Nykøbing.
1967-1970 Training with master cabinetmaker cabinetmaker Karl Olsen Toreby
(obtaining the bronze medal)
1973 - Creates its own engineering O & M Design
1974-1975 Research Grant for the layering technique in the School of Applied Arts, with funding from the Association of winners furniture manufacturers Danish furniture

Takashi Okamura:
Furniture designer and industrial designer
Born in 1949 in Nagano, Japan
1968-1971 Kuwasawa Design Institute, Tokyo
1971-1974 School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen
1973 - created his own design office O & M Design

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