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Ripls wall lamp. 2 sizes

Price: from € 344.00

Designer: Jakob Wagner

Producer: Louis Poulsen


Ref: LP027

The desire was to create a lamp which was discrete – yet also an experience. From a distance, the opal-shaped lamp resembles an illuminating frisbee. On walking past the lamp, you discover how the lamp catches the light and creates its own refractions. Like circular ripples in the water when you cast a stone into a glassy forest lake. The effect is almost magical. It leaves you with a desire to feel and touch it to understand. Because even though LP Ripls appears light and simple on the face of it, it remains elusive and hard to fathom. The fixture emits diffused light. The front consist of a concave clear front with ripples like rings in water. The ripples refract light in the front creating a subtle change of appearance depending on viewing angle. The concave form outline the refracting creating a higher intensity light towards the center fading off toward the edges. A diffuser offset sits deep in the fixture creating a sense of depth in the front. A slim housing creates the appearance of a floating disk while perforations in the opaque housing allows indirect light to create a halo around the fixture. Finish : White opal diffuser and clear reflective front. Satin matt white. Prices :
Ø 310 = 344 €
Ø 500 = 596 €

Price: from € 344.00


New, on deman. Delivery time : 2/3 weeks


Width x Height x Length (mm) 310 x 80 x 310 Max. 3,4 kg 500 x 80 x 500 Max. 3,7 kg


Rear housing: Injection molded polycarbonate. Diffuser: Opalescent PMMA. Clear front: Clear UV resistant polycarbonate.

+ 33 (0)1 43 33 20 12