Knit-Wit Floor lamp. Ø 60 cm. Medium size. - Galerie Møbler
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Knit-Wit Floor lamp. Ø 60 cm. Medium size.

Price: € 679.00

Designer: Berlin Iksos-

Producer: Made by Hand

Denmark - 2018

Ref: MBH012

Knit-Wit Floor lamp. Ø60 cm. Medium size. The knitted materiality of the Knit- Wit lamp distributes light through the yarn’s pattern of yarn, making each lamp very distinctive and dec- orative.
The Knit-Wit family of lamps with their basic shape, warmth and lightness, range of sizes and wide co- lour palette can easily and naturally find their place in any interior – from private houses to public spaces.

Price: € 679.00


New. On demand.


Ø 60 cm H : 100 cm


Aluminium, steel, flame retardant polyester

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