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Mirror model Flow

Price: € 145.00

Designer: Tom Stepp

Producer: FDB Møbler

Denmark - 2016

Ref: FD007

Mirror model Flow, by Tom Stepp.
Flow mirror with a rim. A simple and beautiful wardrobe mirror that fits in both the small and the more spacious one. The designer Tom Stepp has the functionality at the heart of his work, and although the functionality of a mirror is self-evident, Stepp has added an extra detail: the shelf under the mirror, which slopes slightly upwards towards the outer edge. The slope means that keys, cell phones and wallet do not fall - and maybe that's the little surprising detail that makes you easier to remember where it  was exactly  you put the keys ...

Price: € 145.00


New. On demand. Delivery time 3/4week.


H : 51 cm. W : 32 cm.



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