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Oppo Easy Chair 052F

Price: from € 2,010.00

Designer: Stefan Borselius

Producer: Blå Station

Sweden. - 2009.

Ref: BLA41

Oppo is a swivel easy-chair that inhabits a room even when no one is there. The soft shape invites you to communicate without words. Oppo comes in a small and a large version, with or without armrests. Oppo thrives almost everywhere; airports, waiting areas, hotels, lounges, libraries and many other locations. Oppo is slang and means friend or “buddy”. Price is for Xtreme fabric. For other fabric please contact us.

Price: from € 2,010.00


New. On demand. Delivery time 4/6 weeks.


Seat height : 39 cm. OH : 73 cm. W : 70 cm. D : 90 cm.


Cadre en acier avec ressorts Nosag. Rembourrage en polyuréthane moulé habillé de tissu ou de cuir.

+ 33 (0)1 43 33 20 12