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Poiju pendant lamp. Natural ash

Price: € 449.00

Designer: Timo Niskanen

Producer: Himmee

Finland - 2019

Ref: HI05

Poiju pendant lamp. Natural ash

The ash made Poiju lamp has a beautiful and classic shape in which you can see references to mooring buoys and old fishing floats. The name of the light fixture also reflects this fact, as “poiju” means “buoy” in Finnish.

For me as a Finn wood was the natural choice of material for the design. In a country surrounded with forests, it is a traditional but also an ecological choice. In the product the wood grain is beautifully visible and makes the surface alive. Because of the nature of the material each piece is unique. Even though the product is a lighting fixture, you still want to feel it. ‘The tactile feel of the material is awesome!’ according to designer Timo Niskanen.

The fabric covered power cord is casually tied into the painted middle part of the lamp that connects two halves of ash together. The Poiju pendant lamp has a pleasing spotlight type of light that makes it ideally suitable especially for dining and coffee tables, both alone or in a group.

Price: € 449.00


New. On demand. Delivery time 2 weeks.


H 23,5 cm. Ø 17,5 cm



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