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Søs three-legged stool.

Price: € 199.00

Designer: Stine Weigelt

Producer: FDB Møbler

Denmark - 2014

Ref: FD019

Søs three-legged stool.  
Stine Weigelt has previously created the pillow chair, Anker, for FDB Furniture. And in addition to the chair, there are now two sofa tables and a stool that bear the unmistakable signature of the Aarhusian designers. Like the chair, the shampoo and coffee table has three legs and the fine little detail where the upper end of the leg meets the edge of the table and forms a small tangent circle. There is a large and a small coffee table, and as they work together as tables, an extra table can easily be found when you need a little extra table space in front of the sofa. The tables are sold separately and are also meant to work separately. The shampoo is suitable for all rooms - especially where the space is a bit cramped as in the hallway, hallway or in the dining area. Stine Weigelt graduated from the Kolding Design School in 2014 and is based in Aarhus.

Price: € 199.00


New. On demand. Delivery time 3/4week.


H : 45 cm. W : 35 cm. P : 35 cm.


Solid oak.

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